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Yep, wouldn't you know it... Lots of talk in entering a new job & new job takes over. The good news is that I'm beginning to feel my bearings and wrapping my head around the big picture. The counseling work that I perform now has a definite life-cycle and I'm now finding a comfort in finding a positive part in it - Not just floundering at any given emergency. *glow*

The other enormous component to life right now is making plans for moving. Over the past couple of months, the Amandae, Lyle and myself have hatched a plan for moving to Portland. This Easter marked my 20th anniversary of the cross-country move to Connecticut. Since leaving to attend Berklee, now a decade ago, I've comfortable that home doesn't have to be where my immediate family is or, in New England. One of the other factors that I've neglectful in mentioning for a long time is the relationships I've been in. To no one's knowledge, I'll hatch some scheme to move back to Boston, live out of the older population dorms & scrape together the last of my BA. Soon there after, a fetching brunette or blonde will pass by and plans are out the window. *shrug*

Happily (and proudly), it's quite the opposite and her stirrings for something else were the genesis to the project. (Project Genesis = nerd chortle) The timeline to all of this have already been hashed out, beginning with my birthday in June. Friends, I've never known a biological clock but, time crawls when adventure is something you're waiting for.

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  • Blogger starisea says so:
    10:03 AM  

    By Portland, I assume you mean Portland, Maine and not Portland, Oregon.

    Glad to see you blogging! I've been in a major anti-social mood, but we should try to catch up sometime.

    *squishes* top