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"I am a Mental Health Administrator based in Portland, OR. I am newly married and we've taken our first adventure ahead resettling from New Haven, CT"

So, vacation's at a sad end. Amanda visited last night, catching up on events missed since both of us were sick. She agreed that an additional vacay was now needed.

The skate event the other night succeeded with mixed results. It seemed that bake and merch table sales were successful. Turn-out though was what I predicted - maybe two dozen, including immediate family and friends. Note to self: Never hold anything on a Sunday night, in Waterbury, with unmandatory participation, with exclusively internet promotion and/or in inclimate weather. The important thing is that Lili got her hoodie, finally!

This morning I've been reintroducing myself to my Palm TX. I acquired it by housesitting for a work administrator. She couldn't make head nor tails of it and knew that I surely could. Since then, it's phased in between being an under-used address book, a planner for my very-predictable schedule or a dust collector - a waste at any measure. With my impending job transfer though, it needs to be mastered immediately! Week One will likely have me huddling w/ my agency's IT department having it sync twelve different ways. Week Two will find me shopping for after-market bluetooth keyboards. At least all of this will make me look busy while I scramble to figure how to do my job.

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