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"I am a Mental Health Administrator based in Portland, OR. I am newly married and we've taken our first adventure ahead resettling from New Haven, CT"

So it seems that a likely $15 parking ticket I'd not known about has come back to haunt me... I went to switch insurance carriers and the process stalled due to Geico reporting that my license has been suspended! I faked being sick in order to stay at home and resign myself to the whims of the CT DMV automated call center.

The good news lists as: With a quick check cut for $125 and 7-10 days of waiting, it'll be reinstated. The bad news is: My job kinda depends on driving...not only that but driving others around in my car, to some extent. Yes, yes...I should be happy that I wasn't pulled over, wasn't made an example of having an additional year of taking the bus. It just a little demoralizing.

Thinking of far happier things, setting up this account allows me to feel somewhat accomplished in doing something today. I might cross-reference this page between my Flickr account and see what geekiness unfolds.

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