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"I am a Mental Health Administrator based in Portland, OR. I am newly married and we've taken our first adventure ahead resettling from New Haven, CT"

I'm sitting down quickly in between miscellaneous fabrication for chili making... Finally getting around to making dusty cans of Goya chipotles in adobo sauce in chipotle paste. Gloving up, separating stems and seeds from the jalapeƱos - Yes, couldn't help but chuckle either. Foraging cups for pulp, sauce and debris. I'm happily find use for the stick blender I bought myself for yet unmade soup. Grinding barely bound fiber, missed seeds and scraped out adobo sauce into a pulp, placing into a soon-to-be-stained Tupperware. I'm thinking of smoldering Pumpkin Soup for dinner Monday. Yeah, without a doubt.

Projects for Saturday: Networking my parents house - Best allowing my younger brother to death match cronies from bedroom, living room or basement lair. So jealous. Hanging out w/ James and likely watching my used purchase of Apocalypto. Maybe a good reason to make spicy hot chocolate?

Projects for Sunday: Bag and tag bar cookies for the bake sale section of the CT Rollergirls "Skate With A Rollergirl" event. I'm bringing the same thing as last year, these huge Walnut & Chocolate Chip monsters. Easily a dessert for two people or, for a foolish single.

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