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"I am a Mental Health Administrator based in Portland, OR. I am newly married and we've taken our first adventure ahead resettling from New Haven, CT"

The briefest of brief updates: Yes, I am still alive and no, I haven't been trapped under something heavy.

I'm happily getting acclimated to living by myself and ElmCityDrunk & RxQueen still provide to be amazing neighbors. Phase Two involving networking our apartments together for multiply-massive music sharing should take place soon!

Rollerderby referee life is absolutely amazing! The league has made huge leaps in improvement and gearing up towards our first intra-league bout in December. To summarize in a few short words: I can now skate backwards! biggrin

With the season change, I'm trying to haul my camera around with me far more than previously. I signed up for a Flickr Pro account for my birthday and I see the upload cap of 2 gb's a month as a double dog dare. Lately my outings have been armed with home-made stereographic cameras... love

Perhaps lastly, my friends list, I've missed you... Break-ups, bills, work, play, family moving to other states and making new friends are important priorities and I hope to include you on the list, as well.

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