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"I am a Mental Health Administrator based in Portland, OR. I am newly married and we've taken our first adventure ahead resettling from New Haven, CT"

I really rarely pay attention to holidays anymore. With that in mind, I'm coming to grips with my significant other pays attention to every holiday. The recent compare/contrast brought about discussions of New Year's resolutions. For years now, I've only kept one - To forcibly poke myself into situations that would normally avoidant, or at least very uncomfortable.

For instance, you are at an amusement park. It's not likely you'll be back again this season so, you get off your ass and ride a wooden coaster or two. You're not sure if you know someone at a meeting? Introduce yourself afterwards. Comment on boards you would otherwise glance at. I think you get the picture. The Girlfriend thought this idea smart so, we're going to spend a few months taking notes.

Happily, I'm writing this not so much for my usual guilt of abandoned journals but, caffeine consumption. Every now and again, I want to renew old contracts of documenting what's important, what's taking precedent at the time. In the past, its been successful in different forms - college-ruled notebooks, notepad entries and leading up to my account @ SuicideGirls. I'm hoping that this works well as Google universality has been working well for me.

This week I find myself off through my work's Winter Break vacation policy. Our union contract mandates that employees have to take a mandatory week's vacation somewhere within the holiday season. I've traditionally taken the first week of the year off for part Spring Cleaning, part video game binge. The day prior to vacay, I came down with a sinus infection that quickly turned into the flu, which upgraded itself into a systemic allergic reaction - My body covered itself in bright red splotches and raised burning itchy bumps. Chicken pox in the fifth grade have got nothing on these guys!

After a New Year's Day trip to the ER, I'm hopped up on steroids and an industrial antihistamine. For the past couple of days, recovery has been measured in the smallest of victories - Sleeping without clenching my hands as not to scratch, not snapping at my girlfriend's suggestions & immediately apologizing for the shitty remark. Today is the first day in several where I've felt down right industrious! I'm really feeling better, happier, humorous and eager for my vacation to properly start.

With that, I leave to go get started.

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