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Suffering from over-caffination. Desperately looking for something to do but, I'm having a hard time making up my mind...

Woken by Lili's alarm at Snooze Strike #2 at 5:30a. She felt extraordinarily bad but, I figured I could get up, brew a pot of coffee, read some geek news feeds and merge & convert a couple of more iPod-compatible audiobooks. Rather I'm taken with skulking around SG, catching up on who's posting and what. Boredom, really.

It could always be worse. My alarmist supervisor called off the meeting I was supposed to attend, almost literally as I write this. The snow storm turned into a slushy mix and a day off. Joy!

For those of you keeping score, my rollerderby league had another inter-league scrimmage last night. Boston's Derby Dames rolled down with their newer 'B' skaters and happily, it was a great little bout. Our girls scored somewhere near 105 to their 54, I believe. More importantly, I was able to jam ref again and do a hell of a job doing it!

Okay, I've decided plugging-in and working on chord/scale transpositions wins out. Maybe that and transcribing a li'l Jeff Buckley. Until later...

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