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One of the things I wanted to make sure to do ahead, both here and in person, is not to bore myself or others with any one given theme. Whether droning about roller derby, newlywed life, geek culture or music, I want to maximize my time here. Lately I seem to be especially focused on the jobhunt, which truthfully can be kind of depressing. At least if I'm writing, expanding on one of the millions of other things that deserve exploring, I'll get a little more accomplishment from my ever-growing freetime. So accidental reader, expect hopefully frequent postings about Portland explorations, music findings, 3-D photography, the endless geek projects-at-hand and how else I'm wasting my time lately.


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  • Blogger Baby Beth says so:
    6:34 PM  

    Ugh, I hear you. I tend to talk about 1 thing for any given period of time and I get bored of it too...either that or I just don't blog.

    I'm glad you and Lili are settled. :D top